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Understanding and Improving the Lung Cancer Screening Process Across Healthcare Systems: A Conceptual Screening Model for the PROSPR Research Center


Authors: K. Rendle, A.N. Burnett-Hartman, C. Nesland-Dudas, R.T. Greenlee, S. Honda, J. Elston Lafata, P.M. Marcus, M.E. Cooley, R. Meza, C. Oshiro, M.D. Schnall, A. Vachani, V.P. Doria-Rose, C. Doubeni, D.P. Ritzwoller

  • Presented at: American Thoracic Society(ATS) Conference & International Cancer Screening Network (ICSN) Conference
  • Date: May 17-22, 2019, Jun. 3-5, 2019
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